Loving Freely

When you give your love freely, loving people deeply with an open heart, you also open yourself up to get hurt deeply.
However, the fact that some of the people you love do not appreciate you does not mean that it was not worth loving them. Whether they admit it or not, your love made an impact in their lives, because where there is love, there is caring, sharing and kindness.
Do not give yourself to be destroyed by drugs, someone else out there loves you. They need you, so live for them.
You have to try, the decision lies with you.
God can see your heart and he loves you completely!

Author: Esther Asiome

Hello! My name is Esther Asiome (ICAP II). I am an Internationally Certified Drug Addiction Counsellor. I created Recovery Aid to provide tips for people with Substance Use Disorders and for anyone who may be interested in learning about the disorder. I hope you find it useful. Let me know what you think.

4 thoughts on “Loving Freely”

  1. Undeniably most people are betrayed by love and yield to drugs.
    Out of love we can also make them understand that loving your self is that first


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